Moon, Cotton, Milk and White golden retriever puppies



As cool as moon, as soft as cotton and as pure as milk, what is it? Undoubtedly, The white golden retriever! The title seems freaky but what is to be conveyed is the nature of the loyal Dog. If we are to speak about the puppy then it’s about the color ‘white’ which changes to pale cream as the pup grows into an adult.


Golden Retrievers are also known as Goldies. They are of three types, the American, the Canadian and the British. The British type also known as the White Golden Retriever is a very rare breed.


Goldies which originated in Scotland are rated as the second best breed next only to the Labrador. Words just fall short to describe this docile, highly assistive, lively, trainable dog. Due to their long, luxuriant silky hair, these dogs require regular grooming and care.


Leaving the physical features apart, Goldies are rated high in terms of intelligence too. According to ‘The Intelligence of Dogs’ by Stanley corens, Goldies are the fourth most intelligent among all the breeds.


With its exceptional patient demeanour and companionship, a day off him could be as drab as a party without spirits!