The choice of having a White Golden Retriever is much appreciated.  They are reliable and good with children.  This breed of dogs has such attractive eyes and incredible features that the family gets instantly attached to them.  They love water and their cute behavior is another feature which makes them prominent as pets.

Basically, training a dog is sometimes a long process. But if one can start off training it when it is a puppy, then things become easier.  The daily routines should include teaching them where food and water is, the timings that he has to eat: the routine being morning, afternoon and evening.  Teach him where he has to sleep.  Train him not to sleep in your bed and sofas. 

The White Golden Retriever is very willing to please his master.  Train him the rules of the house.  Make your commands clear so that you can train him well.

Clicker training is also very helpful to get positive results from you dog. Click the clicker device whenever he does an action correctly.  This will ensure he repeats the same action again even after a short while.  Give him a reward or a treat for every correct action.

Potty training is also very important. When the dog wants to eliminate he sniffs or circles the floor. It usually occurs approximately half an hour after his meal. Let him eliminate at the designated location.

Crate training also is important.  Make him feel secure and comfortable in his crate.

It is important for a dog to be trained as untrained dogs can be a nuisance for people around.