Training a dachshund – use gentle, fun ways


If you are looking for ways to make your dog a smarter and well adjusted pet, this site is meant for you. Upbringing a dachshund is a whole lot of fun and excitement. This little dog is generally highly energetic and playful. It is also very affectionate and can get a tad out of hand at times. Training a dachshund is an inescapable task. Therefore, get your dog trained thoroughly in the training period itself as it is unlikely to pick up any good habits later on.


Their proud and bold demeanour will definitely make your training sessions difficult. You have to be patient and continue with a persistent training. The dachshund breed of dog originally hails from Germany and was used as hunting dogs. These are of three types: long, short and wire haired. Training a dachshund needs time and attention. Their small stature makes them idle for small homes and apartments. They are very protective and loyal to their owners.


Grooming a dachshund varies with the type. Long haired dachshund requires daily combing where as a wired haired dachshund needs professional grooming at least twice a year.  Understanding your pet’s behaviour and language is important as this helps you in building a bond towards it.