What to do to stop dog biting

The main purpose of keeping a dog is to guard a home or a property.  When an intruder trespasses the property then the dogs stop him by biting. Thus the sharp teeth and paws of a dog are its weapon against intruders and thieves. The dog must know whom to bite and whom not to bite. There are millions of dogs in the world who take a bite even at their owners. Such dogs are not at fault but the owner is. A owner should train a dog to stop dog biting whomever it feels like. When dogs bite thieves or intruders they exhibit loyalty towards the homeowner but when the same dog bites the homeowner it exhibits bossy nature. 

This bossy nature is a trait which has been passed down to today’s dogs from their ancestors who were wild dogs. Wild dogs bite each other to show who the boss is.  To stop dog biting dog owners, dogs need to be trained while they are pups. There are several ways of training dogs. One can find different dog training techniques in dog training reports which are available online. These reports are a small investment to ensure a brighter future for pet dogs. One can find such reports with a bit of homework on the net.