Training puppy bulldogs is easy

Training puppy bulldogs can be an effort if your basics of dog training are not in place. A bulldog, by nature is an independence loving and outgoing breed of dog. This characteristic makes training puppy bulldogs a daunting task.

However, if you follow the following tips, you can expect better and more effective results.

1.       As soon as you get the puppy bulldog, get a collar for him. The collar should be tight enough to control him and loose enough to avoid choking the pup.

2.       Identify a spot in your yard for potty training of the pup. See to it that you take your pup out frequently during the day, especially in the morning and late evening.

3.       Give food to the pup on time, this would time his entire day and would also ensure that the puppy doesn’t overeat.

4.       Give your puppy simple obedience commands using simple steps for each of the command. Do not forget to reward the pup once he obeys you. He should know he did something good.

5.       Make the puppy learn more complex commands gradually. You will notice that your puppy would not need a reward for following your simple commands.