Book on how to train a Chihuahua helps

There is the famous saying “Nobody has ever learnt swimming reading a book”. This is true even with how to train a Chihuahua. Book on a subject does help in giving a perspective of the whole picture however the ground reality is something one needs to experience. Book on how to train a Chihuahua helps in making a few things clear such as the size of the pet, the temperament of the pet, the food habits of the pet, etc. It is really very useful to read through a book on how to train a Chihuahua before you bring home your pet. It may even help you in your decision of actually having a Chihuahua as a pet.


Having read the book and bringing home the pet it is important you adhere to the various measures mentioned in the book. Books are written by either Vets or Pet Trainers who are experienced. Hence it directly translates their experience in a “Ready to use” capsule. While all that is written is true it is very general in nature and may sometimes not be applicable to your specific pet. Take care to observe your pet and its behavioral changes from the very beginning. It helps in understanding its various moods and temperaments.