Reasons why dogs eat poop could be several in number.

Coprophagia is the behavior often noticed in canines. It is associated with dogs eat poop and several hypothesis were done as to why dogs resort to such a kind of activity. Well the main reason was noticeably due to lack of proper nutritious diet in their regular plate. There are many other possible reasons why dogs eat poop, some of which are elucidated below.


If the caretaker or the owner of dog doesn’t pay enough attention to it, then it could resort to eating poop. Some theses say that the reason could be due to excessive stress and anxiety built up that lead to dogs eat poop. It could be out of fear of getting punished for not maintaining the premises clean as in the previous experience it was given a nice beating for having spoilt its surroundings.


Several health problems too attribute to the reason why dogs eat poop, which could either be problems associated with pancreas, infections in the intestines, indigestion, and malnutrition due to food allergies. Some dogs eat poop to keep predators away by preventing their scent in the air and sometimes being hungry makes them do so.