Implement tit for tat to remove dog separation anxiety



A pet is said to be the useful fiend and friendship is built with togetherness. However dog separation anxiety turns out to be a problem in the future when you have to leave the dog and there are a lot of problems arising due to it. The dogs find it difficult to stay away from the masters as they are the ones who take proper care of the dogs. Staying too close with the dogs creates a bonding which is not easy to break. But you can’t expect yourself to be with the dog all the time as it starts getting irritating some times. The dogs start needing your attention all the time which seems and sounds dangerous.


This behavior of dogs can be avoided easily. Do not pay much attention to your dogs after you come home or on seeing the dog after sometime. The dogs also happen to show the same behavior on receiving an improper behavior from the master. This just helps the dog to stay on its own without the help of the master. This is the most common and the easiest way to go ahead and remove dog separation anxiety as the bond between you and the pet remains unaffected.