Dog Clicker Usage Made Easy

Advertisements generally tend to make tech tools suspiciously easy to use. Take the Dog Clicker for example. While it seems to be a quicker approach than months of “Down boy!” practice, it involves as much exercise for the master as for the pet. Some usual dos and don’ts in animal training include keeping a firm voice and level tone when training the animal, and not using similar sounding commands. Even more important is the use of short commands. If using the Dog Clicker for a non-verbal command, train the animal to recognize the sound using rewards such as petting and praise.


It is common for most dogs to seek attention and be eager to please. This trait makes it easy to train dogs with a Dog Clicker, as they will be alert for the sound that signals the pleasure of the trainer.  But don’t get carried away and use the clicker with abandon. It is a mark of the dog’s intelligence that it responds to this unique kind of communication, and intelligence is always best not insulted. Thus, while the clicker may be an ideal tool to tame that grouchy animal you have for a pet, it must not be used as a control tool.